Ante-natal to Three Initiative (ATTI)

Under the Government’s Area Based Childcare programme (ABC), CDI was asked to look at an unidentified need in Tallaght West.  Given that CDI’s programmes focused on children from two and a half years old and up until 2013.  CDI decided to include developments for the younger age group, given our focus on prevention and early intervention. A consultation was undertaken with parents and professionals working in the area of antenatal to three years of age, both at a local and national level.  The three core criteria for developments under this initiative are:

  • It must be sustainable, i.e. that the service or support can continue beyond CDI’s support ending in 2016;
  • It must be in keeping with the current policy climate;
  • It must be evidence based, i.e. proven to have been effective.

What emerged from the consultation with parents and service providers was that while there is a good range of services already provided in Tallaght West, there are significant problems in access, information, coordination, and an insufficient focus on the 0-3 age range, in particular antenatal to one year olds. Parents and service providers wanted to see a different way of providing services so that they are clustered, coordinated, cohesive and community based.

Together with a focus group of relevant stakeholders, a logic model was developed to implement the initiative.  A Steering Committee of key stakeholders was established to guide the project and deliver an agreed work plan.

ATTI is being independently evaluated and the Baseline Research of ATTI is available here.  The Interim Evaluation Report is available here.