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Doodle Den helps children to develop literacy skills through games and fun activities in an after-school setting.  Parental involvement is a key element with parents gaining skills to support their children’s literacy needs as well as having the opportunity to engage in a range of activities with their children throughout the year.

The Evaluation Report of Doodle Den found that the service improved word recognition, sentence structure and word choice among the children who took part.  It also led to improved concentration, reduced problem behaviours in school, an increase in family library activity and an increase in the child’s reading at home.  Anecdotally,  we have been told consistently that Doodle Den also supports children’s social skills development, so we have recently added a mechanism to monitor this.

Doodle Den is currently being delivered to groups of children and parents around Ireland.

We also have a website with lots of games and activities that children aged five and six can enjoy with the help of a parent or other adult.  This is available for anyone to use, free of charge, and can be used to complement Doodle Den delivery, or just as a fun but educational game for children and their carers together.  Check out 

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